Remote 3d presentations

A few months ago I read something about this but I don’t remember what it was.

If I were to screen share during a virtual meeting, the video frame rate is not quite high enough to showcase a games performance.

I can’t remember, but I thought i read about some platform that was used for this purpose, maybe it’s something like telemetry where the “game” is hosted locally on both ends and as you present and manipulate the game they are seeing full 60 FPS on their end.

Or maybe it was just some cloud application I don’t really know, but I think there is some industry standard for this.

Does any of this sound familiar? I don’t remember what it was now

I suppose the same question could go for sharing video as well. Yes I could link them to a video but if I want to show a room full of people in sync how can you present a good 60 FPS video? In google meet/zoom/other

So the answer is pretty obvious actually :joy: live streaming on youtube does the trick

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I totally missed your question when you originally posted it. Yes, YouTube has really good performance for live streaming. Twitch is another one that you can consider. A handful of gamers stream to multiple platforms simultaneously, and the OBS streaming software seems to support that as well :movie_camera:

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I have OBS installed already from making some YouTube videos (not streaming)

So yeah I was able to basically just load it right up and stream full quality. Very easy solution. I started a new job recently and I was surprised there isn’t really a default option for office people sharing full quality video, or at least not there.

I was like oh no, I’m not sharing a highly performant game over 15 FPS desktop streaming meetings :joy:

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