Remoting with AS3 (Oscar Trelles)

Hi all,
I just started using Flash CS3 and AS3 and was looking into using the Remoting ability to interact with PHP etc., I have had basic usage of Remoting with AS2 in MX, but this seems to be a little more… I don;t know what :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Oscar Trelles’ page as a base, but still can;t manage to get that working. From googling like mad and searching on Kirupa I’ve solved my first few noob errors but I’m still stuck.

If anyone could give me a Grade A noob step-by-step, that would be great (for other people like me too I would imagine, I can’t see much online that doesn’t assume some fundamentals) but I would also settle for a quick answer.

I know that packages need to be in their own .as files… fine… I just don;t really know how to connect my main .fla with the .as in question. I tried importing but it didn;t seem to like it. I’m hoping that with a bit of practice this will be as easy as Prototype’s Ajax.Request. Am I dreaming?

Thanks for any help! At all! Wrings hands nervously

Edit: I tried putting both of Oscar’s packages into one .as file and then “included” it and I get the “nested errors” warning. I read somewhere that this is because of importing files inside a package. Any ideas?