Remove/reset/disable actionscripted filter after an event

hi there

while i was experimenting with flash 8 filters again :slight_smile: i bounce on some problems that i guess are easy solvable, i just don’t know how.

so i have this mc that i control through 1 button
after it goes to it’s max positions a next click moves the mc back to it’s original position. quite ez, nothing big there.
i’ve added a filter named BF : as in blur filter.

now the problem is… the filters grows with each click… i don’t want that.
also i want that the blur filter only activates when i release/ press a button.

can anyone guide me through this?
as far from now i am through my own knowledge on this.
oh, i am belgian so : afstand = distance bougeer = the tween function

import flash.filters.BlurFilter;
var Bf:BlurFilter = new BlurFilter (0,0,2)
my_mc.filters = [Bf];

afstand = 0;
function zetAfstand() {
afstand = afstand-400;
if (afstand<=-2000) {
afstand = 0;
function bougeer() {
my_mc.tween("_y", afstand, 2, customEasing);

knop.onPress = function() {
Bf.blurY += (100-Bf.blurY)/5;
my_mc.filters = [Bf];
vid.filters = [Bf];

kind regards