Removing a swf file

[font=Arial]I have a project which loads a .swf file into the stage, this works perfectly. So you click on a certain symbol and flash loads sun1.swf into the project…

sun1.swf - which I created has the start & stop drag feature succesfully scripted into it and it works fine, I want to add the feature to remove the imported .swf file by clicking on it and hitting Space, (there may be multiple instances of the same .swf file spread through various layers, so it must delete the one selected at the time) this is where I am lost and trying all sorts of ideas but my knowledge is v.low and people tend to assume I know more than I do so if anybody reads this please help! [/font]

sounds like you’re using loadMovie to load external swf’s. so to get rid of them, look into unloadMovie
so if container is the instance name of mc you’re loading into… unloadMovie(“container”);

Okay here is the script that loads the movie into the stage, ( multiple times )

Layer 1 Frame 1: x= 100;

Object to click to load swf file =

on (release) {
// this will increase x by one on every click
loadMovieNum(“sun1.swf”, x);
// the value of x will replace x and every time you click putting the movie in a new level

And here is the script within the movie that is loaded onto the stage (sun1.swf)

on (press) {
on (release) {

That’s all I’ve done, the scripts all work fine, when you click the object sun1.swf is succesfully loaded as many times as you want and each instance in draggable, I’m presuming that the command to REMOVE an instance of Sun1.swf should go inside Sun1.swf, but the problem is each time an instance is loaded it is on a different level…

So what I really need is a command that says

On Key Press <Space> Unload selected movie instance

As you can see I’m an expert… I’m lost and on a short deadline - here is all the code that should make clear my mistakes and what I need to finish,

Can anyone help me?