Removing duplicated movieclips

Hi everyone,\r\rI was wondering if anyone could tell how I could go about removing or deleting movie clips that have been created with a for loop. Here is my code that I have attached to a movieclip on the main stage. \ronClipEvent (enterFrame) {\r for (i=1; i<=10; i++) {\r duplicateMovieClip("_root.moveline", “_root.newline” + i, i);\r _root.moveline._y = random((100) + 50);\r }\r}\rand I want to remove these duplicated mc’s. I added this code to frame 10 of my movie, \r_root[“newline” +i].removeMovieClip();\rbut it didn’t work, the reason I think its not working is because of the enterFrame part of the onClipEvent if anyone could help me figure out whats going wrong it would be great.\r\rThanks Alot\r\rKyle

I’m not sure, Kyle, but this may be a problem of level.\rWhen you write _root[“newline” +i].removeMovieClip();, _root. refers to the _root. of level0. But the clips are loaded in level1, level2…\r\rpom 0]