Removing '- Microsoft Internet Explorer'

does anyone know how to remove/edit the tag behind the explorer windows?

for example the title of this page shows:
kirupaForum - Post New Thread - Microsoft Internet Explorer

anyone know how to edit that last part (sometimes ISPs do that)? i remember doing it before, but i cant figure it out now :sigh:

Nope - sorry dont know how to do that - I have done it before with a program cos i can remember doing it as well.

But why bother with internet explorer? Go and get Mozilla Firefox Silly!!! lol

im just a firefox lover…

Move to firefox…
Seriously it is so much better

Okay enough of the advertising I will help neverthless :stuck_out_tongue:
It requires some registry editing:
(Backup before doing anything. Although you will only change one value, with nothing related to the OS, I feel obliged to say so ;))

1.Goto Start>>run>>regedit

2.Loacte this key
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

3.Scroll down and look for 'Window title’
4.Double click Change to what you want and your done :slight_smile:

this will work as well, sometimes this is a little bit less intimidating:

Although I’m really not an IE fan, in fairness, Firefox does exactly the same thing with regards to window titles :wink:

thanks ntshp, that did the trick :wink: although Window title wasnt already there, but all i had to do was add it in.

i do use firefox, i just have been lazy to download it again since I formatted and got SP2 installed (as long as there’s a popup blocker, i’m happy, tho i’m beginning to miss tabbed browsing)
and yea, firefox shows - Mozilla Firefox behind :slight_smile: say, anyone know how to change that one? I cant seem to figure it out right now.

[size=1]took me awhile to respond cos i didnt expect a positive response and forgot about it :P[/size]

argh… you can do that with the Firesomething extension, I’m fairly sure… anyway, there’s some way to do it with JavaScript, no doubt, because Firesomething can do it and Firesomething is JS-only :slight_smile:

Goto your firefox folder, and then open a folder called ‘chrome

Depending on language rename en-US.jar to

  • (A little trick so you dont have to worry about decompressing/compressing jar files :wink: )*

Now you will get a popup saying the file is in use :P, so copy and paste this tut into notepad or somewhere convient

Now if you have the windows zip file viewer enabled, simple double click the the renamed file, if not right click and then goto Explore

You should now be able to have a look inside the zip via explorer and goto
**locale >> en-US >> global

**Open up “brand.dtd” with notepad or preffered editor, and change the following lines to what you want

<!ENTITY lang.version “1.6”>
<!ENTITY brandShortName “Firefox”>
<!ENTITY brandFullName “Mozilla Firefox”>
<!ENTITY version “0.9”>
<!ENTITY vendorShortName “Mozilla Firefox”>
<!ENTITY releaseURL “”>

Save this file to your desktop, then drag into and replace the existing file (Note: You cannot save straight into the file since it needs compressing first)

Then simply rename the file back to en-US.jar, and fire up firefox (no pun intended)

Happy editing :smiley:

yea right :asleep:
thanks a lot!

no problem :wink: