Render face

hi all,

got a quandry, wondered if anyone had explored this idea.

i want to distort a movieclip so that i can perform perspective type distortions. ok that sound wierd so a practical example:

i have a square mc inside which are two images or something. now let’s say i want to flip the square by using perspective and scale. i want the stuff inside the mc to move accordingly ‘basically rendering on the face of the square’.

the only good example i have to show (which is really advanced) is Click the more info on a postcard as see what happens.

no i reckon this sort of thing might possible if i can use the draw api to create the 4 points of the square and then animate each point. Has anyone tried this sort of method with an image inside the mc?

anyway this thread is mainly to scope ideas and see if we as a community might find ways of exploring this idea.

all help is appreciated, thanks!