Replace inappropriate wording in code?

I have a scriptfile from a fellow “programmer” with a debug that contains an inappropriate wording “W-T-F!”…

  1. Is this common? i.e should I just leave it there…
  2. Should I do nothing according to the moral codex -> “coders are responsible for their own code”
  3. change it to something more appropriate like -“ftw” or -“surprise error”

edit: the code in question is under version control, so it is fairly public and trackable for every change and edit.

My opinion would be, if its checked in under their name, and would only be exposed to developers (via source code or only within a debugging env), then leave it in. Otherwise, clean it up.

I thought I should leave it, if I don’t edit the file. Otherwise I clean it up. Thanks!

A friend told me a story from the late 80’s when computers was all text based, joking and rewriting each others debug with comments like: “you stupid etc etc”… one day the client called in tears. -“the computer told me I was stupid”…so they had to quit joking with each other. :smiley:

Sometimes i feel like my own code is indirectly swearing at me when i reread it, line by line. :grin:

Maybe there is too much cursing in your code?

All I could think of regarding my own coding is:
-“the man who couldn’t talk to horses”, or -“more debug code than actual code”

… but I don’t swear! :blush: