Replacing Lacie's d2 External HD Casing

So, the Lacie support guy was pretty cool. He just told me to use Newegg or something and find an external casing for the hd (the old one broke, and is no longer under warranty), and simply replace it myself.

Only problem is, I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for.

On Newegg (probably gonna buy it at Fry’s instead), I’m looking at hd cases, and none of them have USB or Firewire ports. Now, I ripped the board that handles these out of the case (not literally, it’s in fine condition), but none of them have a place to put it.

What should I do? All the drives just have a serial port on the back side of them… but, I have nowhere to put the serial->usb/firewall card. :-/

Any ideas?