Replacing movie clips- help me and i'll be your best friend

i’m having trouble. what i need to do is insert or replace movie clips at run time. can someone tell me where to find a good tutorial on this, or give me a quick run-down of what i need to do? if you do, i’ll be your bestest friend.

What do you mean, replacing movie clips at run time ?? Can you provide an example ?

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specifically, i want to make actionscript switch the content of a textbox between a number of possibilities (each possibility will be determined by a different generator variable). i would love to simply use a dynamic box, but that makes ugly, non-antialiased text. so, i’m left with making a bunch of separate mc’s, each with a textbox with a generator variable. but then i don’t know how to plug in each one at an appropriate time. how… please god, tell me how…

OK, I don’t think I understand :smiley:
You have a bunck of movie clips.
They all have a ‘generator variable’ (WTH is that ?)
You want to ‘plug in each one at an appropriate time’ (what time would that be ??)

pom 0] , * long is the way to perfection, especially if you have to deal with a non English speaking Phrenchman…*

Just create one MovieClip with many keyframes and use tellTarget to switch between them…
Go here and enter the “Local Public Terminal”
Notice the changing symbols at the upper left when you highlight certain buttons? Plain tellTarget.