Replacing movie clips on website

i am making my website totally in flash and i have a menu on the left lookin all lovely etc and then on the right i have a box about 400x325 pixels in dimensions and when i press on the first button( in this instance it is “ABOUT ME”) and then its takes u to that frame label and the info and pics etc come up in that little box i described earlier. I was wondering from there if i want to goto another menu option, do i have to make a whole new page and copy the existing backround with the boxes and menu etc and then make a new label and put what i want on that page, OR can i replace whatever is in that box( or what appears to be in the box anyway, as its a backround i did in PS) with the info and whatever of the menu option i just clicked on. what i want in a nutshell is to be able to replace the movie clips with another one so i can save kilabytes and not have to copy everything for x amount of times for all the menu options i have. Any light shed on this would be a great help, thanks guys.

Put your background and the things you’re loading on different layers.

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