Replicating pages turning

I’d like to replicate the turning of pages of a book, to show different information. I would either like (A) when you click on the lower right corner the page flips, flowing across the screen as if turning in real life or (b) favorite that when the lower right corner is dragged towards the left side, the page turns to the next. is this even possible? any help would be greatly appreciated (ps kinda new but my confidence and understanding is growing quickly)

Something like this?

yes…that would be what i would like to do

well you can download it right there, when you open the first page.

except that i would much rather make it myself… from scratch to perfectly fit my website.

Why don’t you just try to customize it?

Wow… that pageflip thing is amazing. I think I came across v1 a while ago, that itself was cool, but this one looks even better… off to figure it out…