[req] Vector image :((

Ok, god knows if this will work but it’s urgent urgent. So this is the deal…

My girlfriend’s birthday is in a week and because she likes vector stuff very much, i would like to vector her face and do some artistic stuff at the background but i never did that and i don’t have time to learn it. Though i know the process of doing it in Photoshop. Is there a good soul that would wanna vector her face and spill some artistic elements behind. Check out the link below for the example:


I would then run to the photo studio to print the photo on a photo paper and then use the bamboo to create the frame around. So if someone is for the deal, read on.

You don’t need to vectorize the whole body but only the face (which i’ll send you), in A4 format (landscape). And any file format is acceptable (AI, EPS, SWF…).

PM me or reply here for the serious person who wants to try or do it. I’ll owe you one. Thank you.