Request for A Talented Artist

I’m working on a website for Halloween, it’s not anything commercial, just something to entertain myself, and scare the Sh!t out of people… could anyone make some REALLY scary satanic or demonic pictures or drawings. Devil Eyes would be good. Demonic symbols as well. Basically anything that would be scary :evil:
thanks :slight_smile:

no takers? lol

are you looking for (semi/photo) realistic pictures?

yeah, i think that would be better for the fear factor (i hate that show… lol) but if anyone can make a cartoony thing that’s scary, im completely open to it

i recently visited a site a few days ago that had some really disturbing stuff, it was a nice site, but some of his pics made him look like a weirdo.

i might be able to come up with something for you, is this going to be a website, or just some cool pics. what colors? size? as long as my name is plastered on there its fine with me.

Cool…The dark side!!

I can help ya…

i think it’s going to be a website, mostly red and black, the site will be 750 x 400, so any pics larger than 100 x 100 are fine, the bigger the size the better, having your name on there is fine

thanks for the help :slight_smile:

note this was done in 2 minutes…
kinda up your alley?
I have some wicked sh!t stashed away somewhere.
I will post it when I find it

:m: jMkM

that’s alright, could be a little scarier, i made a mod to it, i think it looks a bit better… but it’s pretty good for such a quick response

Here is a pretty good demon I got from a friend of mine. He runs a halloween site. I am part of his spook house every year…


modded “chick”


kinda spooky…

Here’s a good place to start…

Metal Wallpaper :evil: :skull:

heres somethin you’ll love:

Just got done with this one…
Turned out decent [I think]

jay, check mine out, its the funniest thing ever, trust me :bad:

OK… You said scary
Here ya go…