Required: Flash/Php Developer ****

[font=Arial,sans-serif][size=2]Hi all,

This might appeal to anyone who’s a lover of the computer game Championship Manager, or who’s looking forward to the up and coming Football Manager 2005 or CM5 Game.

Im Jay and I manage a web site that allows gamers to form and manage online clans for the online part of the game.

web site:
email: [email protected]

The job. [/size][/font][font=Arial,sans-serif][size=2][size=2]flash frontend which interfaces with php pages to communicate with the database. Requirement, flash email/(MD5)passw[/size][/size][/font][font=Arial,sans-serif][size=2][size=2] [/size][/size][/font][font=Arial,sans-serif][size=2][size=2]login, pull user data from db and display in flash, then post what we have to the new listing page on [/size][/size][/font][font=Arial,sans-serif][size=2][size=2] site[/size][/size][/font][font=Arial,sans-serif][size=2][size=2], and for the flash movie to ping the page every 5 minutes with any updated details.

No need to create the flash movie, I have already done it together with its art work and stage layout. All is required is the action scripting and php work, the site is developed using classes to carry out multiple functions so having to write php code could be kept to a minimum.

I will supply you with the flash movie, database.sql file with the database fields you need to query and any class/frontend pages I think that might help you with your development. Plus a doc with a full overview etc.

Budget in the bank is anything between £25 to £50 (pounds) plus for certain a copy of either CM5 or Football Manager 2005 in the post when released.

Please send me your name, IM handle, and work examples, I would rather you have a good understanding of both flash and php to carry out this job as it could be a 1/2 day job to he/she who knows their stuff.[/size][/size][/font]
[font=Arial,sans-serif][size=2][size=2]Payment will be carried out via paypal. Any other means will have to be discussed.


Aka Jay[/size][/size][/font]