Resize background, keep stage/info centred?

here’s the problem.

i’ve designed a website for someone who now wants it in flash - which is fine, but i stupidly bought an AS2 set of buttons and an AS3 image gallery.

My knowledge of flash barely skims past flash 4, so AS2 is prefered as i cannot work out how to give a button a command in AS3 let alone anything else.

He wants the background to resize depending on the resolution, so i found this:

which oddly enough, regardless of how many times i try the tutorial, DOES NOT WORK, however the source file does, and for the sake of my sanity, that is enough.

I need to create a loader or movieclip, and load all the external swf’s inside. I can do this with AS2, no problem.

So rather than give myself a headache trying to work out how to do it in AS3, can anyone provide instructions for the background/stage stuff as in the tutorial, but in AS2?

I have spent 2 days browsing the net and cannot find anything that works.

Any help is much appreciated.