Resizing a dynamically loaded SWF

Hi, I’m trying to load in a movie using ‘loadMovie’ into an empty movie clip. The movie being loaded is a linear playing .swf movie I made using Sorenson Squeeze. I’ve got a 320x240 video and I want to resize it to 240x180 and play in my flash presentation. Whenever I try to change the movie container’s width/height the movie disappears. I can hear the audo but no video. Here’s an example of what I’ve tried:

   movieToOpen = video_txt.text;
   _root.createEmptyMovieClip("movieHolder_mc", 100);
   movieHolder_mc._width = 240;
   movieHolder_mc._height = 180;

I’ve also tried using a .onData event to do resizing there. What am I doing wrong? Or can you just not resize a swf like this? Any help is appreciated, thanks

I’m assuming that youre loading text. Since text in flash is pretty weird, I think you will have to embed the font before it will show any type of animation. The sound will play fine, but the text will just disappear.

Actually I’m not loading text. The line ‘movieToOpen = video_txt.text;’ is from an input box where a filename is specified by the user. I’m loading a 30 minute .swf video into a movieclip which I’m trying to resize from 320x240 to 240x180. When I try to adjust the clip size with _width and _height, the movie disappears. The sound is still playing but thats it. Make more sense?

movieHolder_mc._xscale *= 0.75;
movieHolder_mc._yscale *= 0.75;

//try that… you’ll also have to make sure the movie
//is loaded b4 you try to resize it

I found out my problem was trying to attach the scale code within an onData event. After scratching my head on why it didn’t work, I found this explaining why mine wasn’t working:

Might be helpful if anyone has run into similar problems.