Resolution Detector/Enter Page Problem

Hey Everybody,

We’ve recently launched a new website for our design studio. When you go to the index page, there is a flash movie that has a resolution detector built into it, and depending on what your monitor’s resolution is, it will automatically launch a large, medium, or small version of our site. However, if a person has pop-up blocker on, the page won’t automatically launch …but perhaps it also doesn’t automatically launch for other reasons that we are not aware of. Regardless, if it doesn’t automatically launch, there is still an “Enter” button for people to click. Recently though, we’ve had a few people tell us that the enter button doesn’t work for them. And we’ve tested it on several different computers and it seems that the enter button randomly doesn’t work every once in a while. Here is a link to our site:

Does anyone have any ideas about why this enter button might not be working? Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!