Restaurant Menu Concept using AR!


Now, this is something that I can actually see myself using everytime I go to a restaurant :slight_smile:


Seems like it’d make more sense to have that same interface available on your phone based on context cues. The thing that makes any of it convenient is the QR/iBeacon/GPS/NFC signals giving you situational UI.

I don’t think anyone realistically wants to depend on holding a piece of paper in front of their phone camera to generate a camera view of a menu UI that they want to read.


I fear I’m not clever enough to use that and would starve to death.


Yes good day, I’ll have a large page cannot be displayed, and a side of meet lonely singles in your area, and a water


I kinda like to see a face of the animal that died in helping make my food. That’s why I am actually looking forward to this. It will vary depending on number of meals already ordered, so it has to be dynamic to ensure I get the right face. I REFUSE TO EAT SOMETHING UNLESS I CAN LOOK AT IT STRAIGHT IN THE EYE…and creepily lick my fork at the same time.



I see what you mean, even if I eat a salad I will still go kick a baby deer after




Oh God, for a second there I thought I was about to see a boot. On a side note, I’ve been accidentally growing what I’ve been calling “street corn”. meaning corn randomly popped up growing along the road this year. Today… I just found I have been robbed, the corn husks have all been picked off. Who did it? I’m fairly certain it was baby deer. I’ve been seeing them around here lately, and they don’t usually live on this street, as most of the homes are owned by homosapiens. They also travel in gangs, theives they are.


Better get the gun…