RESUME: Senior Flash Developer, NYC

I am currently pitching one of the most skilled Flash Developers I’ve ever come across to my NYC clients. If you would like to see his resume, please email me. He is seeking full time employment.

Thank you,
Beau J. Gould

Open Source Staffing
[email protected]

Interactive programmer/designer with advanced skills in Flash Platform, PHP/MySQL and other web technologies; diverse background in general and pharmaceutical advertising, consumer product development, digital design and production, and marketing

Advanced ActionScript and Flash Communication Server (FlashCom) programming using AS2 classes and pattern-based architectures (including ARP framework); interface and site design; concept development; technology consulting; for web applications, web sites, CD-ROMs, business presentations, kiosks, animation and games.

Actionscript2, Class- and Pattern-based development, ARP Framework, Flash Communication Server, Flash Remoting, AMFPHP, JavaScript, Lingo, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, DHTML, XML; video steaming and compression, browser standards, A/V sync issues, platform issues. Integration with JSP, ASP, .NET and ColdFusion.

Flash, Dreamweaver, BBEdit, Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop, Director, and many others