Revealed... the secret to my footer!

thats right people, my footer will be changing soon(ish) so before it goes forever I thought I’d reveal to those of you still interested what its illusive secret is (I know its been keeping a few of you awake at night for some time now)…

but first, well done to (in chronological order):


for working it out, gold stars to all of you. Oh and I’m pretty sure Saad got it too but never made it official by sending me a pm

and for those who didn’t:

har har, just remember begging will get you nowhere (except named and shamed in this thread ;P)

some of you found the hint that if you roll over the letter F in the word ‘FOOTER’ it reveals ‘Many footers make light work’ which refers to the fact that if you can see more than one instance of the footer at any time it makes it much more easy to work out, although I don’t think this hint did anything but make people more confused…

dude, that is freaking cool!! who’s mouse cursor was that right now?? Maizoon??

definetly the coolest footer I have ever seen … probably even greater than mcgivers

yes, that is terrificallly cool…

//btw, good choice on the xml server :slight_smile:

your footer is so cool! how did you do that?

Like he said, with an XML socket server :sure:

OMG!!! That’s Crazy… I knew I saw a mouse pass Bye…:S DARN! YOU…

So when is it soon(ish) :smiley:

Is it going to be useing CommServer again?

coughMcGiver’s footer in muiltiplaycough[/size]

ya that’s what i’m wondering about, what new amazing footer are you going to come up with? Is it going to involve another xml socket server?

Thats crazy. I never thought of that when trying to guess what it did.

ROFL that’s an amusing footer!

It doesn’t work for me :frowning:

mmmm yeah, a multiplayer game of somekind would be sweet…

I’ve got to figure out how to make it work though, a few footers ago I had a mini chat as my footer but during its whole run there was only about two occasions when more than one person was logged into it so a multiplayer game wouldn’t work unless I can get people to log into it

maybe if a player could send out a game request to anyone viewing the footer that evokes a big flashing messaage saying ‘such and such is challenging you to a game’ even if the person viewing the footer isn’t logged on…

It’ll be tricky keeping it within the filesize limit too… hmmm scratches head

I couldn’t see it either. I was in Firefox 0.9.

But it works fine in IE.

Well i got Firefox 0.9 and it works fine for me :-/

Well i got Firefox 0.9 and it works fine for me

Same here
(That is one sweet footer!)


It works in Firefox .9 for me too.

I was getting a blank sig before. I restarted and know it works…???

I’m using firefox too, I doubt its a browser issue, more likely because I’m serving it from my home computer, it may be a little unreliable

what do you want for thre fla. :wink:

Whoa Dancing Cursor!