Reverse the direction of the scroller?

var center = Stage.width/2;
var speed = .05;
function activateMenu() {
menu.onEnterFrame = function() {
var distance = _root._xmouse-center;
if (mask.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse)) {
this._x += (distance*speed);
if (this._x<-sub_menu._width/2) {
this._x = 0;
if (this._x>0) {
this._x = -sub_menu._width/2;

you expect anyone to look through all that code?
man…this looks like you dont even know where the scroll function is

is that better?

at a glance it looks OK

what is it doing wrong? is it scrolling one way then stopping?

some times chopping up code and getting working separate from the rest of your code helps

when i hover the cursor to the right the images scroll to the left when i need it to scroll to the right

there is a tut on this on the main page (unless you have looked there)

also on for the carousels, it takes you through this on screen in video format

at a guess

this_x += is incorrect

should be

this._x = this._x+(other stuff)

maybe that happens because the content height aind bigger than the stage! …

set the motion to false if it aind bigger then the stage?