Rewind Button

I’m currently working on a demo and it requires navigational buttons. The problem is, flash only allows you to go backwards once(1 frame). I want my Rewind Button to go back several frames on one mouse click(e.g: Pause at frame 80. On MouseEvent(Press), it jumps to frame 65 and stops there. On Press again, it jumps to frame 45) An example of the navigational buttons I’m referring to can be found in Take a look at their demo. Their navigational buttons are on the top right hand corner(Rewind, Pause, Play, Fast Forward).

Plus is there any way in Flash 4 that would allow the fast forward to jump to another frame(e.g: Pause at frame 25. On MouseEvent(Press), the movie will jump to frame 50 and stops there. Then On MouseEvent again, the movie will jump to frame 75.


I have been thinking over this issue for a while, I think I may have found out how it is done. I bet they use Tell Target to target portions of the main movie. I’m guessing that the actual movie has been tweened, so they simply have targeted the main frame labels. For example, clicking “Back” takes them to either one frame behind or one frame forward. The frames to either side of the target might have some code that takes the animation to a few frames back. That code might not get activated when the animation plays regularly.

This may be a little confusing. The topic does involve a lot of programming. I hope that helped.

Kirupa Chinnathambi
[email protected]