Right Click Menu in Flash Mx


have you noticed that in flash at fs command there is option to turn off the right click menu of flash move but it still shows the macromedia flash player but now in mx it show another menu item in it with settings. what foolish thing is this doing macromedia. if there is option to off it should be completely off but now it is with more menus, even you turn off in embed tag or fs command, also check my site i have done the flash move transparent.


and also let me know your comments via contact page which is at my site. also bookmark it, currently it is under progress soon all will be avialable.

If you go to File/Publish Settings and click on the HTML tab, you will see a checkbox to remove the context menu.

This doesn’t completely remove the menu, it just limites it to “Settings” and “About Macromedia Flash Player” or something along those lines.