Ripple fx


I am looking for a tuorial that gives a good ripple fx like the one on this site

It’s in the top left hand corner

I have seen the one on but it’s old and not very good

Can anyone help me?


I think that effect is done in java, I wouldnt know where to start doing it in flash.

You can, but you dont’ want to. You’ll bomb all but the fastest processors attempting to do that with Flash. That one is done with a Java Applet. Do a search on Google for Java Applets and it wont take you too long to find that effect.

You can do something a little similar to, but not quite the same as that java applet. If you duplicate a bitmap that’s shifted a little bit in any direction, and mask it with shapes, it will appear as if the bitmap is shifting. Not QUITE the same, but somewhat close.