Roll out problem

hello i am new to flash and i am making a nav bar with buttons which when you roll over em they will tween and tint. and when you roll out they will go back to original color. i have 2 tweens, one for making the button tint wen u roll over and one which untints.ok on first frame i put for button action to go to frame 5(the frame where tinting tweens starts) on roll over. then i have a stop at a keyframe that starts the untininting. and on the same frame for button action i put on roll our to go to untining(same frame). In movie the whole thing works. If i roll over button it tints and if roll out it untints but the problem i am having is that if you roll over and roll out too fast it just tints and stays there and does not untint. hellp will be appreciated on how to fix so if someone rolls over really fast so it untints also.


so you put the
actions in the timeline of the animation?
why didn’t you put them ON the movieclip (or button) or if in the timeline, at least in a new layer?

ok 1 min ill put up a link and you guys can see what i did
there ya go.

well first time i did it i put all the buttons in a movieclip but when i rolled over a button then i just went to another button it wouldnt tint out.

you have a very strange way of using flash. :stuck_out_tongue:

just put the “button” animation inside a movieclip

like in the attached example

umm is that file in mx 2004 format cause i cant open it :bounce:
and should i put all buttons in same movie clip?

oups sorry, here with mx

oh thanks :smiley:

i still dont get mine didnt work though :’(

huh, so you weren’t abled to open the fla or do you have problems with implementing it in your page?

no no, everything worked perfectly :smiley: thanks. i was just saying i dont understand my original one didnt work. the one u gave my worked.

P.S: by the way awsome game i am addicted to it. hehe

thx :slight_smile:

yours didn’t work because onRollOut is only applied on your button between the 10th and the 14th frame.
if you roll out earlier, flash has no onRollOut action to perform.
onRollOut == do something when the curser moves out. it won’t do anything if the curser is outside your button or over it, onRollOut will do something if you move your cursor out of the are of your button.

oh ok i get it. oh yea and i got to like level 7 or 8 the ones u get rockets at.