Roll over problem

I need help doing something that should be easy, but for some reason isn’t working. I have something that says JC and then has a picture of an eye, as in JCeye, and I want it to go to the next frame on a rollover of the picture of the eye, and it says eye in the next frame instead of having the picture… And then I want it to go back to frame one when you move your mouse off the word eye.

I will attach the file, I would really appreciate someone to make the changes or atleast tell me what I’m doing wrong…


Unexpected file format for me.

Me too.

I have resaved it and made sure it was Flash MX, if this doesn’t work then please let me know.



Hmmm, that is wierd… I am using a mac, but it has never been a problem to open my .fla files on a PC before. Any ideas as to why it’s not working? It’s saved as a flash MX file.