Rolling menu

i was thinking of a menu that could be cool for a game

–|-password-|-- /
->|-1 player-|<---------(go)
–|-2–player-|-- /

the “password” and “2 player” would be semi transparent
1 player would be opaque
u click the up and down arrows (/\ and /) to change your option
if u clicked up then “1 player” would go 2 the bottom (easing) and go semi trasparent
“2 player” would disapear to the bottom
“password” would go 2 the middle and go opaque
a new option eg. time mode
would go to the top from above the top and be semi transparent

which ever option was inbetween would be the frame you go 2 when u click (go)

thanks in advance,

ps. i know its alot so anything would help!