Rollout Rollover Fading In/Out Button messes up Actions in other movie clips


I have been searching for a solution for several days. Maybe someone here can help?

What I want: TTo make sure a button fades out slowly when cursor is no longer on it…the way i have it now in my latest intro is it fades in nicely on rollover and reverts back to frame 1 instantaneously when cursor moves off.

What I did: First I found a solution on kirupa here: Then I followed directions and made a good working fade-in-fade-out button i am happy with, in a new fla document. Then I added this button (well movie clip really( to my main intro flash document. The result was: my actions in other movie clips that I already had in place were not working and I had compile errors.

My files are too large to attach unfortunately to attach, even in zip or rar :frowning: