Rollover button menu

I still seem to be having a bit of a problem. I’ve attached a file. when you zoom into the seperate counties, what i want to achive is a menu to appear as you roll over the counties, and in this menu will be a few links to other pages / site.
any help would be great.


I am not sure if I got your question right but this is what I feel. Instead of having names pop up, you can write a scirpt to show a menu which is initially off stage and bring it on to the stage at the correct position.

I hope this helps!

make the countries MC’s

then something like this

on (rollOver) {
setProperty("_root.countryMenu", _visible, true);
on (rollOut) {
setProperty("_root.countryMenu", _visible, false);


sorry mate, you’ve totally lost me there. i havn’t got a clue what you just wrote.
lets just say i’m a six yr old , and it’s my first time with flash.

here’s a simple example for you… yoou could make this a lot cooler, but I figured you should start with this… post any questions, or if you want to take it to a higher level I could help you out… here it is: