Rollover detect bounding box NOT shape, how?

Does anyone know how to make the mouse detect the bounding box of a movie clip instead of the actual shape when rolled over?

I have some “buttons” that are really lines and are very hard to click so the mouse needs to detect the bouding box.

Thanks for any help.

create black square and give him alpha=0
possible beside you clip is identified my_mc

var rect_mc = new MovieClip(); 
my_mc.addChild(rect_mc); 0x990000, 0.5 );, 0, 100, 50);//select you 0? 0? 100? 50?
rect_mc.buttonMode = true;

Thanks for the help Alex :slight_smile:

That is close to what I need, the problem is that I have hundreds of buttons and they are all accesed through code using a loop

Here’s the actual function for the buttons:

for (var i=1; i<=18; i++) {
 objName = "Face"+i+"btn";
 myButton = getChildByName(objName);
 myButton.buttonMode = true;

So, the buttons are accesed by name, how will I use those rectangles in this example? I don’t really get how to enable those rects and at the same time function a the buttons which are accessed by name?.. Isn’t there something simpler? Obviously an “invisible button” is not the answer.

why not try making the hit area of the button the same size as the bounding box?

Thanks for the help guys, I figured it out :wink: