RollOver effect not available until frame?

This is my first post, so hello and well met!

I am very new to Flash, I have been going through numerous stuff and some books, I just recently started work on my very first Flash website which will serve as my homepage/portfolio.

Anyways, I am just now starting to delve into Actionscript, and with absolutely NO previous programming experience (ok, I did a little Basic back in 1983 on my PCjr :), it seems a bit daunting.

What I am having a problem with is this: I have my website basically fading/blurring in. I am using movie clips as buttons, and everything works fine and looks nice, BUT, when the page is fading in, if you move the pointer over one of the buttons that hasn’t faded in all the way, it will jump straight to the “Over” state. Basically this skips the “fade in” I have going on and looks totally bogus!

Anyways, I was reading up on the “if” statement stuff but I’m not really sure I am looking in the right direction. Any help?

Thanks for your time!