Rollover, rollout, release cleanup

Its been about 2 years since my last post, but I have gotten back into flash, and while working on a site for a local company, I came across a nav idea for their product line. Everything I have coded works great, but was wondering if there was a way to the code a lot simpiler then what I have made it. It currently is using 7 global vars for each button, along with a lot of if statements on each button itself. Basically the buttons have a rollover animation, a rollout animation, and when you click on a button it holds the rollover animation, and will release another button that is being held. I will post the .fla for ease since the code is lengthy. On the main timeline I set the global vars, and each movieclip has its own actions as well. Thanks in advance!

here is the source file:

for this interested in seeing the site (still in development :blush:):