Rollover Vibration


I’m was trying to make the vibration effect in the tutorials to happen in a rollover, but I failed miserably. I did a google search and a search on the fourms but found nothing that helped me.

Cheers. :puzzle:

What tutorial?

I can suggest one technique for a rapid random vibration:

  1. Make sure the rollOver object is a movieclip instance.

  2. Convert this to a movieclip.

  3. On the nested clip, put keyframes at frame 1 and 2.

  4. On the instance on frame 2, apply this script:
    this._x = random(5);
    this._y = random(5);

put a stop(); action on the first and second frame of this nested clip.

  1. On the parent clip type:

You can lay one clip on top of the other and reduce the alpha to give a better vibration effect. If you do this, you have to give them all an instance name, because the this keyword will only work for the top object. Works best at a high frame rate, eg 18+.