rollOver with audio

Hey guys,
i have something going on here, hopefully you can help me out.

i want to make rollOver/rollOut btns with audio so once the cursor roll over, it starts playing a sound, not a loop, but i want it to play just once and until it finishes. So, if the mouse cursor goes in and out, during play time, the sound cannot repeat itself until the audio file finishes playing. i want to keep the actionscript very simple so im using rollOver rollOut functions on the btn itself. also im using very small audio samples so i dont see the need to use the loadSound method. Help!

im using this code but i have problems getting the conditionals to work:
(…mask_mc is the btn and video_mc is a movieclip inside the btn…)

on (rollOver) {
mySound = new Sound(this);

if(sonido == true)
mask_mc.enabled = false;


on (rollOut) {
if (sonido == false){