Root, parent, and this.. Confusion

I’m working with several nested movie clips.

My Main container (the GUI), and the content MC’s.

The Main Container loads, via a button, another SWF file into the MC “_root.content” (_root.content.loadMovie(“filename.swf”))

Within that loaded swf file I’ve got a script to load information from an XML file, and add it to several dynamic text boxes. The XML loads fine, and the SWF file works fine, as long as it isn’t in my container movie…

itmHeader = _root.attachMovie(“movieName”, “movieAlias”)

I have tried root, parent, and this… and none of them work while the SWF file is loaded into the container movie… and the only one that works when I run the SWF file by it’s self _root.attachMovie is the only command that shows the information as intended (at all).

The Tutorial “Root, Parent, and This” didn’t help at all…

Am I doing something wrong.