Rotate Like a Globe

I have a circle and I want to make it rotate like our globe. total 360 degres. The circle I am having flies from right corner of the stage, sits at the center and again flies to left corner of the stage. while flying the object should rotate and go. How can I do that??
Help please.

I had the same problem before…my best solution was to get a rotating globe from swift3d and importing it to flash…you could also use a masking background for the ball to emulate rotation or another solution is to make the rotation frame by frame as a movie clip.

i hope that helped.


tween your circle symbol, clockwise or counter, you have the option, then insert in clip and motion-tween that from right to left.

Truthfuly… if a globe is rotation you really don’t see anything happening… even the gradients dont really move…

The only thing that would rotate on a globe, which would be visible would be features on the surface of that globe.

How could you make the features to rotate on a globe?
I tried cw, ccw in tween, but it makes the object flip feom one side to another not really rotating…
also I don’t have swift3D… Is it downloadable or we need to buy?
Thanks all for your ideas…

if it’s the generic globe that you want, why not just download an animated gif and import it into a movie clip? you can then tween this mc from side to side.
all the frames of the gif will be arranged neatly inside the movie clip once imported in swf. make extra layers inside that mc if u want to add some features to the globe.

If you want a globe like the one on the footer, i found it in one of those tutorials, I forget which one tho. let me know and i’ll email it to you.


i need to change the bg color…sorry

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it looks cool…

I got a file from flash kit about how to make an object rotate like globe but unable to find out how he made it. I have fla and swf zipped.
If anyone interested, I can send you that file. Please help me in finding out his work!
Kirupa, I also request you to add that in your tutorial.

Please let me know your email ads, so that i can send you the file. or kirupa help me in posting that file in this message board.

I think the globe was created by either creating the globe in a 3d modeling program and animating it in Swift 3D, or the globe was made as a GIF image and then converted to the Flash format. I wouldn’t mind making a tutorial on this topic, but I don’t know how to create this globe :slight_smile: