Rotate Shape Bogusness?

Hello there.

I recently discovered something that appears like a glitch to me- or maybe something that could be changed in the settings (but I didn’t change anything in the settings that has to do with this behaviour of Flash 2004 MX)…

When I try to rotate a shape, flash seems to do some weird kind of “dimension-preservation”. I don’t know why it does that- but it does something similar when trying to rotate (edit) the gradient fill of a shape.

Here’s the example:

If I try to rotate the shape (Fig 1) 90° to the right, it ends up looking as if only the vectors are rotated but without maintaining the length of the lines in between them (Fig. 2).

It used to work back in the day but since yesterday or so, it does the weird thing I described. I’m lost. I couldn’t find a setting that would fix this. I also tried holding down Shift or Control or Alt to see if that would do anything- but nothing helps. I hope one of you can help me.

Thanks in advance,