Rotate wheel to specific position

Hello everyone, and thank you for your help. I have searched the forum and could not find anything specific, so if you do, please show me the link.

Let me set some theoretic environment for the question.

let’s take a circle that is like an anolog clock but only has 8 numbers; 12 o’clock, somewhere around 1:30, 3 o’clock, 4:30, 6, and so on.

I want to have each number, a button, and when clicked will rotate to the top of the circle.
PLEASE NOTE this is a static image, so the numbers will upside down, etc…the do not need to stay rightside up, as they will rotate with the circle image.

Every time a number is clicked, it will rotate the circle until that number is at the top, and can move either left or right depending on which number is clicked.

I thought of doing this in design time, but there are many combinations, and it would be too weighty.

I do not know how to rotate it in actionscript and then have it stop at a certain position, which I assume I could plan out in degrees, and possibly use flags to tell which had been clicked in which position, but I need help.

Any thoughts?
Thank you all so much