Rotating a textfield in a circular path


I’m having a problem with a movieclip that contains an object (a circle) in the middle. Off to the side is a text field. I want to rotate the whole movie clip at pre-determined degree increments and have the text field follow along. Although it does rotate, it will not follow a concentric circular path about the center–it’s path is skewed by something–perhaps a transformation point that I can’t locate. Other objects within the same movie clip do rotate properly.

I’ve attached a sample fla that demonstrates the problem by clicking the button to rotate the clip 90 degrees with each click.

Here is the stage code:[INDENT]button_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClick);

function onClick (event:MouseEvent):void

circle_mc.rotation +=90;
var currentRotation:Number = circle_mc.rotation;

circle_mc.dt_txt.text = currentRotation;
circle_mc.dt_txt.rotation = -currentRotation;

trace("current rotation = " + currentRotation);


button_mc.buttonMode = true;