Rotation, im stupid

I cant believe i dont know hoe to do this. To make an object rotate a few times in a tween how do u do it? Before in the property’s box there was a thing that said rotation, and u could put in a number, now i cant find the rotation thing, WTF?? Somone please tell me, to end my stoopid feeling.

It’s still there. It’s in the Properties panel at the bottom under Ease

Click on one of the frames in between the two keyframes and it should appear in the properties box.

here is the best way to do it (aside from the obvious)


  1. make a movieclip out of the object you want to be rotated (if not already a MC)

  2. go into the movie clip, make a new layer. now draw a line

  3. now go outside the MC and use the line you just made to grab the MC and rotate it with the free transform tool.

  4. make a new keyframe and tween it

(note: only 1 complete spin is allowd between 2 keyframes… so if you have 2 keyfames you can do 1 spin. if you have 3 then you can do 2 spins… etc.)

  1. go back inside the MC and delete the layer that the line is on

  2. now compile it and see how it looks

good luck
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