Running an Object through a function

I have some stored info inside object ‘s’. Everything works when I run s through my function. s is reference to a movieClip which is what actually runs through the function. However, I want to make this action happen by clicking another MC. Look at the code below and it will be easier to see:

s.onRelease = unReleased;

What I want is to ignite that line of code exactly, but by releasing a different MC, ie:

exit_mc.onRelease = s.onRelease = unReleased;

However, I dont want to click s to do so. You see, if I call the function unReleased just via exit_mc, then all the stored vars in s aren’t put into action, as they aren’t running through the unReleased function.
Make sense? I think it’s sheer Syntax difficulties on my part.

Help Please! It’s simpler than it seems - I know that! :slight_smile: