Running Your Code at the Right Time

Run your code at the right time by making sense of DOMContentLoaded, load, async, defer, and position in the DOM!
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This was an intelligent topic and although 2.5 years old is relevant today. How would you go about loading jQuery, bootstrap,js and waypoint.js (the latter 2 dependent on jQuery). Ideally I would want all three libraries to be loaded asynchrously, but prevent javascript execution until all 3 javascript libraries have been loaded?

What you can use is:

It is great because it was designed almost exclusively for this scenario. You can specify your jquery as the primary and then the rest as dependents :slight_smile:

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Thanks for getting back to me. I investigated and like others before me found it a little bulky for what I wanted it for. I ended up using load.js, but may use requirejs in the future.

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