RussianBeer in Little China

Or Japan… well not yet, those who have heard I received a scholarship to study chinese, Im currently isolated in Hawaii in a Japanese university(because they have great dorms) with 9 other people in the same program, we are only studing chinese for 5 hours each day, and Mandarin is as hard nipples on a blind lesbian in a fishmarket. Its driving me nuts.

However this has been a mind oppening expereince, I love it. And in two months we are all going to China, Beijing to live and continue our studies. And this is also the reason why I havent been kicking it on the forum. Btw, those new touches to they site looks great Kirupa, this place is growing so fast.

Okay, enough of that, pictures!!

Thats my dorms, Tokai University, and my room and the view from it: