Same published movie appears again, and again and again


I have published movie stuck somewhere in my computer (or is it a flash bug??)

Every time I publish a new movie, the same movie, lets call it one.swf, appears, and under it the other movie that I try to publish. This has been going on for a while and the only way I can view my movie is if I minimize one.swf, and then the other movie appears behind it.
When I try to open any other swf I have created, it does the same thing.
I suspect its some setting that flash has set up and I need to erase it, or maybe something else.
Please help, is so annoying to have to see the same one.swf all the time b4 I view any other movie.
Thank you

First of all, are you uploading the swf to a server? If so delete the current swf and re-upload. If you’re doing this on your local disk than check for these:

  1. Make sure you publish as a different name.
  2. Try to delete the current swf(s) if possible and re-export/publish.
  3. Check for any code that might be stopping a swf from functioning the way you want it to.