Same symbol different instance?

Well, I have a symbol consisting of a border and a fill color. It’s a Movie Clip and I have added some Keyframes (and labeled them), and the fill color changes in each of the Keyframes. I’ve also added a “stop();” for each Keyframe in order to make sure I control the color changes (using a script).

Now, I would like to have multiple instances of this symbol, but I want to change the border of each of them (to keep it simple: one is a square, another is a circle, etc.) and still be able to change the color using a script.

Is this possible and how? If not, is it possible to make a work around - or do I have to create each as a new symbol and add the Keyframes, different colors and stop?

I tried just copying the frames from one symbol to another but this changed the symbol as well.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.