Samsung site - building something similar

Hi everyone :ne:

I was browsing the kool sites page on kirupa and came across this samsung site

I absolutely love it!

I wanted to ask the members of this forum if they would be willing to help me build something similar to this step by step?

Ofcourse not as complicated - I just want to learn basically how the resize functions and moving around the window functions work as well as co-ordinating animations between the 2 seperate pages.

My flash background: I will always consider myself a newbie no matter how much I learn since I can always learn more. I have a good grasp on basics, animation, tweens, all that stuff. And also I can do some simple action scripting - nothing fancy though.

Any and all help will be appretiated.
If no one is willing to help then no problem - I understand everyones time is precious.
Thanking you in Advance,