Sand Sculptures!

Hey everyone,
I found these really cool pictures of things people built in the sand for some competition in Belgium:

My favorite:

I couldn’t find another site that had similar images, for I’m sure there were more entries than what has pictures for :slight_smile:

Those are cool indeed, good thing it didn’t rain while they were working on them hehe :wink:

They do a huge sand sculpture at the Iowa State Fair every year, I’ll see if I can get some pics in a couple of weeks when I go.

those are sand sculptures?!
What amazing detail! Great find

wow! That is amazing, i thought a castle with buckets was good…guess not :-/

jesus christ these ppl are crazy :crazy:

Next thing you know, they’ll be sculptures made out of spit.


I don’t live far from that, so maybe I’ll have a look.

PS : They use products to protect against rain. They had some damage though after a storm.

that must be difficult to organize how you’d build it. I guess they have to start in the middle and build outwards?

*pulls out a hose from behind his back and points it at the sand castles:chinaman: *

what happens when it rains? lol

That is just awesome. I have so much respect for people with that much artistic creativity. Thanks for the link Kman :slight_smile:

wow that is amazing, i cant believe that is sand

These sculputers can be found in Zee-Brugge, it’s an annual festival. During summer, they specially imported the sand. I really should pay it a visit. Looks impressing every year. More pictures and how they actually do it can be found on .

:puzzled: that must have taken a while…

yeah i wonder how long it takes and what tools they use

I saw this thread title and I immediately thought of Belgium, and tadaah, it’s even a picture taken from the ones here! :smiley:

Yeah, like kokoi said, it’s an annual festival over here in Belgium, and it gets more and more amazing every year… They use tons and tons of sand mixed with cement and such, and the things those guys build…it’s amazing :stuck_out_tongue:

I went to see it once, maybe I’ll go again sometime.

Yay Belgium :pleased:

Even moooore Yay Belgium :drool:


I believe they have one going on kind of near me (well, no, not really… now that I think about it) and it was pretty amazing too. The theme was the traditional castle - and one guy build a dragon surrounding it and it was really detailed and I thought to my self “****, I can’t do that - but it would sure kick it if I could”

That position does not look appropriate for spidey.

my spidey senses say that he adores the rock :huh: