Save bug? Action script looks like it was converted to chinese?!

Hello there.
Wondering if anyone could help shed a little light on this problem.

Friend of mine was having trouble saving a cs3 file on his mac. Did ‘save as’ & managed to save the file to a new location.

…however the file seems to of corrupt, or something.

The action script on the 1st fame of the timelime seems to be in chinese characters. Here is a small snippet:

⼀⼀ 䤀洀瀀漀爀琀 瀀愀挀欀愀最攀猀 渀攀挀攀猀猀愀爀礀 昀漀爀 刀攀洀漀琀椀渀最 搀攀戀甀最最

Script further on in the movie was unaffected.

Anyone know of a solution to this problem? Guessing its down to corruption and is unfixable. You never know though!