Saving a file

i got a problem… it’s my first time to use flash mx… i don’t know how to save a file… i tried doing the animation in the basic tutorial… and my outcome was different from what it should have been… there was a problem in the flow… the text appared first then followed by the background then the background disappeared… why did the backdround disappeared? isn’t it that the background should just be there while the text was moving?:*(

what tutiorial are you speaking of?
mabye attach your .fla or something so somebody could understand your problem and solve it!
btw you save a file by choosing File>Save As

Do you have the animation and the background in different layers ?

tnx guys! i had it figured out already!:stuck_out_tongue: just my plain stupidity coming in… hehe. the text and the background design was in the same layer that’s why when the text moves, the circles in the background also moved!=) thanx! i really needed that help!

[SIZE=1]i’m glad i’m not the newest newbie at at flash mx[/SIZE] :stuck_out_tongue: